#HeresWhaIWouldHaveSpent - ASOS

I decided to take part in the What I Would Have Spent this time round as I often find myself looking at Asos 'normal' sizes and wishing they made it in fat sizes.

Asos is a company I have a love/hate relationship with, I have never had a successful transaction with them, but I LOVE their clothing!

I picked 6 items, though I could have chosen so much more, but I stuck with 6 as this would have been the amount I'd purchase with any other brand. I always make sure I do a big shop if I'm buying online as I don't wanna end up returning the whole order.
Plus it saves on delivery costs.

one // two // three 
four // five // six

These are all items I would wear to work or play. I tried to pick things I could wear with a blazer for work, or on its own on a night out.

The total of my purchase would have been £269.99

My fave are the dinosaur top and the button up swing dress. 

This is how I'd style this Dino dress.

Please please please Asos make these in fat size!

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What would you have spent?

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  1. YES! That dinosaur dress is like #1 on my 'wish it came in plus size' list!

  2. OMG! That dinosaur dress would be mine, too. Such a shame...


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