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So I am not one to really stick to one brand of product, sadly I have very little brand loyalty unless I am WOW'd by something.
But this is one of those times where I really am impressed!

Last year on my holiday to South Africa, I wrote about going to The Body Shop there and buying some bits ... here ... and one of the bits I got was the Camomile Lip&Eye make up remover.

I had been wanting to try a liquid make up remover for some time and I hadn't packed any wipes with me so thought it was the perfect time to try it out.
I used this remover for the last 5 months and its finally running out, so I decided to check other products in the Camomile Range at The Body Shop. I did a bit of research on it and watched loadsa videos on this cleansing butter and thought it was something I'd try.

So I popped into my local Body Shop.

As you can see, my bottle of remover is now empty.

I picked up a tin of the "sumptuous" cleansing butter which is £12.00

And I got a muslin cloth which was £2.50.
I'd not yet decided if I was gonna get a cloth too but when I saw they were on special with the butter, I decided to just get it.

The butter comes solid in this tin, you get a fairly decent amount in the tin which is good. 

The scent is lovely, its light and fresh, not too strong or offensive. I'm not one for camomile scent usually, but this on is really nice.

To use it you simply scoop some of the butter out, rub on your face and then wash off.
Once you've taken a blob out the tin it starts to melt on your fingers straight away, turning into a lovely rich oil. 

I tried it on my hand before my face and it left my hand feeling lovely and soft and smooth for hours after. So at the end of the night I used it to clean the days face off. 
On my face I had bb cream, brow powder, brow gel, 2 different mascara's (one was waterproof), cream blush and matte lipstick.

I filled my sink with warm water and put the cloth in to soak, then I took the butter and just put a bunch of it on my face and rubbed it all around, I looked like a panda with black all round my face.
Used the muslin cloth to wipe away and it literally came off in one wipe. 
Whilst it worked really well it was a bit time consuming. I definitely will be repurchasing the liquid make up remover and maybe the oil cleanser too because I feel they all work as well as each other but sometimes you just need a quick cotton pad and remover to clean whilst youre making a cuppa and cant really stand in the kitchen with cleansing butter on your eyes. 

All in all, very happy with this range!

What brand are you loyal to?

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