Blog Every Day in June #1 - Behind Your Blog Name

It's the first day of June and I have set myself this blogging challenge for the month.
If you are new to this, below is a list of what I will be attempting to do.
(or here's the link to my origonal post about it)

Back in 2011 I started reading loadsa plus size blogs. I was already running a tumblr blog and had started doing outfit posts on there and got a great response from people, I was thinking about doing my own blog away from tumblr when my partner at the time pushed me to do it, so I said "fuckit" and signed up to blogger.
My blog started off just having a blogspot url and it was plain and black and white in design. 
I didn't want to rush a name and regret it. 
When reading other blogs and thinking about what to call mine I remember thinking to myself that all I wanted was my own blog, my own big fat blog. and thats where it came from.

my BIG FAT blog
What's your blog story?

Remember to Use the hashtag #blogeverydayjune on social media to share with everyone.

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