Dancing Queens #5

A few weekends ago I went over to Rachel's for a catch up and general slob about at her place.
We enjoyed the last "hang out" which Rachel wrote about here, we did so decided to do it again!

Look at us all fresh faced and definitely not sober at 11.30am, whoops :/

I bought us some frozen cocktails to try, I had the Pina Colda one and she had the WooWoo and we shared a Strawberry Daiquiri. They were like grown up Capri Suns! I will definitely be repurchasing these bad boys for hang outs!

After that it was onto wine out of old grandad beer tankard glasses. 
Is there a better way to drink wine? I think not.

We had quite a few more drinks and listened to music, watched Jezza and giggled loads.
But then it happened... the dance itch.

It was not planned at all but we both felt like we just had to go dance the night away!

So with a very quick peruse through Rachels HUGE collection of clothing, she suggested a dress which Id always wanted but never bought. And it was perfect. 
It went so well with my hair too, almost perfectly matched!

I borrowed her hair clip and stuck my hair up in a knot. Rachel lent me a bag too which was purple and matched my whole purple/pink look I had going. 
I donned some make up and Rachel provided some lashes, we hurried out with some journey juice in our hands and laughed most of the way out. We even hopped in a taxi and shared said journey juice with some strangers who we later bumped into.

Rachel got in another bottle of wine and we cheers'd to the night.
Rachel looked amazing as always.

This dress was clearly made for me, to show off my boobs and tattoo.

Casual dancefloor selfie, as per!
We danced a lot in the first place we went into, they were playing some very decent music, I must admit.

After that we went into a place which was servicing slushies... Rachel and I are definitely a fan of these! We had something similar at her birthday dancing in Leeds.

We seemed to have the dancefloor to ourselves the rest of the night, so we made very good use of that and we threw out many many many shapes!

Another dancefloor selfie... just try stop us!

We danced our way through a few more places and ended up in a bar/strip club ... as you do.

 They did delicious Malibu WooWoo's... I slurped these down so fast, they were delicious!
And to top it all off they had mini cocktail umbrella's... perf!

As you can see from the below images, Rachel and I were relatively sozzled by this time. 
It's safe to say that our day to night session was a resounding success.


This is the dress in all it's glory. 
Isn't it just lovely?!

 This night was the best! I adore these unplanned nights that we have had and I can't wait for the next one!

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