Blog Every Day in June #10 - Fathers Day Guide

I was going to post something different here but with Fathers Day fast approaching I thought I would put together a gift guide for Fathers Day.

So a few mentions here... 

I picked this Boss Bottled Duo set as I know its one of my Dads preferred scents and it just so happens that his current set of this is running low, so this is a no brainer.

The next item I have chosen is Jelly Belly beans. My dad is a sucker for jelly beans so again, there was no reason why I wouldnt get him a tub of these.

The next one you might not think is something a dad might want but this Aquiesse Lavender Candle is just the kinda thing he would enjoy. My dad has trouble sleeping so we always get him lavender things, and he loves a bath so along with some of the goodies he got for his birthday (bath bombs, foam bath) I thought this would be a nice addition to his bath time treats.

This mens Grooming Kit caught my eye because of the bright blue lining of the zip up bag.
I have previously gotten my dad a little kit like this but it only housed nail klippers, a nail file and scissors. This one contains a mani set as well as a comb and razor set too.

These Cotswold Sahara Desert shoes are a fave of his. He wears these all the time and I know I cant go wrong with a new pair. 

Last but by no means least, I snapped up a Port and Stilton gift set. I know my dad likes port, and cheese so why not?! We often have a little "nippy sweety" in the evenings with some cheese and crackers. 

What are you getting for your dad, or man in your life?

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