Blog Every Day in June #15 - A day in your life

Today's post is a later one, I have been at work all day, between 9am and 7.30pm. So it's been a long one.

Early morning, up at 6.30am.
Quick shower and get dressed. Breakfast of juice and a yoghurt.

7am time to walk to the bus stop. 
I have a nice picturesque walk, filled with pretty houses, fields filled with horses and lambs.

The sun was out in full glory.

Then onto the bus to check my emails, notifications, appointments and such.

I normally listen to music or watch netflix on the train/bus.
This time I was listening to some music.

8am and I've arrive in Sheffield centre.

Only starting work at 9am so there's plenty time for a casual selfie on the reflective windows at work.

8.12am and I've logged on and got my stuff from my locker.

8.24am and I've put all the make ups on my face and I look more alive.

11.30am and I've got a fruity snack to nibble on.

2.00pm and it's lunch time. 
This means time for food, then my daily ootd selfie.

4.15pm and it's break time again. 
I won a prize for our teams sales incentives, 2 months in a row.

6.30pm and I've downloaded a new game for my phone and I'm playing it on my break.

7.30pm and I've done for the day, time to run to the station and catch my train home.

8.15pm and I'm home, in my pj's, ready for some food.

8.30pm I've got a good ol fry up of sausages, bacon, beans and chips.

9.00pm and I'm finishing the night with a nice cuppa tea and some telly before I'm off to bed.

What does a day in your life look like?

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