Dancing Queens

Recently Rachel and I had an impromptu dancing session out in Rotherham.
Here's how that looked.

Rachel gave me this hip flask for Christmas, I took it with to make sure it was a cheap night.

I decided to wear an oldie but goldie! This dress is from Simply Be and originally had a mesh panel in the boob area but I cut it off.

We hopped on the bus into town, it was pretty chilly since we went out without "arms" on.
We looked cute as fuck though!

We spent a lot of time dancing and laughing, which is standard.

We went to this one place that served out drink in a barrel.

Tropical goodness!

Then we went to a place that served blue frozen drinks and I definitely approved of that!

I know I was drunk at this point because I had about 99 selfies, which is what I do in the loos when Ive had a few.

We frequented a few other places but ended in some place where we danced for quite some time.

Jagger bombs were had! 

We then spent some time talking to a cute couple outside before finally deciding to get some pizza and head home.

Pizza babes!

I always love dancing with Rach, we always have fab nights, no matter what!

Cant wait for the next one!
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