More Dancing Queens

This is by no means a recent Dancing Queens post, the images have been in my drafts for some time now, since like March I believe, but I felt I wanted to share them. Mainly because I looked super cute.

What I Wore:

Black Mesh Striped Skirt - Yours Clothing
Cross back Dress - New Look (worn as top)
Leggings - Simply Be
Blazer - New Look

I struggled to decide what to wear for a long time, I even took 3 outfits with me. But eventually I settled on this. I really like the cross body straps on this dress I wore to Pride last year, but the straps are on the back, I just decided to swap it around and Im pretty happy with how it looked. 

I was out with Daisy, Ruth and Amy
We met in our hotel room where there was a lot of laughing and drinking and listening to old school emo/punk music.
It was great. 

We headed int town and spent a lot of time dancing and laughing again!


 J├Ągerbomb's for all!

I was drinking all the gin cocktails! This was double gin and lychee juice, which I must add.... AMAZING! Probably my new fave drink for ever!

You know you're drunk when you're casually taking serious pouty pics in the middle of the club!
No shame at all ok!

As always, a good night was had. And I definitely looked the bestest!

 photo 12_zpswz3qn3et.jpg
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