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I thought I'd bring back the "from the changing room" posts I used to do.

I popped into Yours clothing the other day just to have a look at their sale items.

I tried this Black Swing dress but it turned out to be too long for me.

This striped top is one I actually bought. I enjoy it as it has slits up the side. Its comfortable and awesome for summer.

I tried this zip detail dress but I didn't like how it sat on me. It's a nice dress but just not for me.

I quite liked this khaki dress but obviously it didn't fit that well over my belly at the top. I probably could have sized up but I didn't love it enough to hassle with that.

Probably my fave item was this denim button up shirt which i ended up getting along with the striped shirt. I think next month I may purchase the darker blue version too.

Finally I tried this peach shirt, I didn't think it would be this long. I thought it might be nice for summer with leggings or jeans but definitely too long for me. Danm being short!

This what what I wore from my own closet. 
Dress - H&M
Cardigan - New Look

 photo 12_zpswz3qn3et.jpg
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