The Higher The Hair The Closer To God

So we all know I have coloured hair, which means I wash it like once a week. 
So on the in-between days, I use dry shampoo.
The best brand Ive found is Batiste ... BUT  the best news is they now do more than dry shampoo. 
They have a range of hair sprays and powders.

I have pretty flat and lifeless hair so these new products really help me on those off days!

They have a volumising hair spray which like the dry shampoo goes on white, like a powdery substance. Which is great because it helps to see where the product is and what you need to work through. 

They also do it in a powder form which you can pour out instead of spray on. 
I don't know which one I prefer, they both do the same thing but sometimes the powder is a bit to mattifying and feels a bit tacky on the hands. 

I also enjoy that they do travel sizes. 

Batiste is a tricking life saviour! 

Do you use any other brands of dry shampoo? What's your fave brand?

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