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As you'll have been seeing on my blog recently, I am spending some time off with my friend Gavin
We have been taking him all over and yesterday I decided to take him into Sheffield to have a proper look round. And it was a good day for it too! 
We got the bus in the morning, my parents decided to have a rest day so we went solo. 

Looking sassy as ever, even at 9am!

When we got into Sheffield we went to Primark, Gavin had wanted to get a hoodie or two and I wanted to find a pair of dancing shoes. 

Here's what I picked up:

I also picked up some glasses which I put on straight away cos it was pretty sunny.

And naturally we had to take a joint selfie with our new sunnies.

After spending some £'s there we walked through Sheffield and into Orchard Square and picked up a coffee from Costa.  My mum had told Gavin that Cost was better than Starbucks so he had to test that theory.

I had an iced caramel latte. It was delicious.
The results of Costa VS Starbucks are: 
Costa 1 - Starbucks 0.

We walked around Sheffield city centre and had a mosey around the Peace Gardens which is currently doing Sheffield at the Beach so there was a lot of rides and stalls in the Peace Gardens. 

I showed Gavin Sean Beans star, obviously that had to be done!
Any Sheffield'er boasts about Sean Bean being from here! 

We walked through to the Winter Gardens and Gavin had a picture with the famous silver balls.

I wanted to show Gavin the Sheffield Steel metalworks exhibition inside the Winter Gardens as we were discussing sheffield Steel yesterday.

I enjoyed some of the cards they had on display with Yorkshire slang on them. 

Once we had seen all the sights inside the Winter Gardens, we took a walk around by the Crucible and the Lyceum Theatre. 

We then walked down to the bus station to sort out a bus pass for Gavin and then to the train station to meet Daisy.

I popped into Superdrug as I was looking for some mini products to take to Pride on the weekend. 
And I was looking for some highlighter. 

Here's what I picked up:

Once we met Daisy we went to Saigon 68 for some Vietnamese food and a catch up. 

I ordered some Salt & Pepper Bean Curd for the table and for my main I had Vietnamese Chargrilled Beef with Vermicelli noodles.

We talked for ages, it was nice catching up with Daisy as she is now on a different team as me so I don't see her at work often. 
And it was Daisy and Gavin's first meeting so they had a lot to talk about.

We made our way to Division street after that as I'd seen some crazy milkshakes on instagram and I wanted to try them!
They were from a place called Lucky Fox.

It's a small little joint but its really nifty.
It's got quite a bit of American memorabilia and art work.

They had two different milkshakes. 
I went for the Chocolate & Maple Waffle shake.

Daisy and Gavin went for the Lucky Shake which was chocolate and strawberry with a jame donut on top.

Once those mammoth milkshakes were done we made our way down to the train station.

I had heard that the Women Of Steel statue had been moved to the town centre so I had a look. 

Gavin and I took a tram to Crystal Peaks where we popped into Wilkinsons.

Here's what I picked up there:

Gavin wanted to get the Harry Potter & the Cursed Child book so we popped into H M smiths and he picked it up.
Looking forward to reading it after he is done.

We then went to Sainsburys to do some grocery shopping with my parents and I picked up some China Rose tea and a pair of cute pink trainers. 

It was a super busy day! 

So my little blog here has turned more into a travel/lifestyle and food blog more than anything recently.  
Some of it has been because I feel that the Plus Size community is very clique'y and exclusive and you have to suck up to other bloggers and brands, which I'm totally not about. 
But it's also because I have changed a bit since I first started this blog. And that's totally ok.this started as a plus size fashion blog when there were few plus size bloggers and brands like simply be and yours were not that well known. Many of the PSBlogs of current days didn't even exist then. So it was really a journey of creating new content that other people like me could see and be inspired by. 
Nowadays though I'm not really into that "scene" as such and am blogging more about experiences and life in general.
A bit of change of perspective can do you a world of wonder. 
So have you been discovering your town recently or have you had a change of heart? 

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