Days Out - Afternoon Tea at Betty's


So as you'll now know, Gavin is well and truly settled in England, naturally he needs to see all the sights and sounds of the country.
So yesterday we went for a road trip.

Naturally we had to have a car selfie!

So we started off in Knaresborough.
We went to the town centre and had a look around the Market. 

On the walls throughout the town there were these great paintings which looked like they were real.

Look at Gavin looking dapper in front of some telephone boxes.

When you have been here a while you forget about those small things that seem amazing to other people but you've just taken for granted ... like telephone boxes. 

Blind Jack of Knaresborough.

We walked about the market, there was plenty to buy and gander at. 
I was particularly taken by the Greek Deli selling olives and baklava. 
I managed to pull myself away from buy all the greek surypy pastry though. 
It smelt soooo good!

There's a lot of art throughout the town centre. 
I quite enjoyed this little courtyard area. It looked super cute.  

We pulled into an ice cream parlour for some delicious dairy treats. 
I had a 2 scoop cone with creme caramel and pralines and pecan ice cream.

We walked to Knaresborough Castle, ice cream in hand. 

It was a stunning day for a walk round the castle gardens.
There were some really great views from the gardens.

 In front of Knaresborough Bridge.

We spent some time just looking out at the views of the River Nidd and the Railway Bridge, just chatting, being there in the sunshine and seeing these gorgeous views was such a joy!

We then went to the York Designer Outlet where we had some lunch and a look around.

We hopped on a Park & Ride bus into York.

Obviously we had to take Gavin to the Shambles to see all the old victorian buildings.

I really do LOVE York. The sights in the city are truly amazing!

We walked about through some more streets just looking at the shops.

Gavin tried his first Starbucks.
I got a taster of their new tea drinks. This was a strawberry green tea with mint.
10/10 would recocmend!

After that we went to York Minster....obviously!

Casual selfie in front of York Minster.

We did go in and light a candle each for family members, but didn't go into the actual church bit.

We decided to take Gavin to Betty's.
It had to be done right?!!!?

There was a queue but it was quick enough.
We only really waited about 10 minutes to be seated. Considering how famous it is, that was totally understandable!

I opted for a Traditional Afternoon Tea.

I substituted the normal tea for a pot of China Rose Petal tea.
Now if you know me, you'll know that I only drink Rooibos tea. Nothing else!
But I decided to give this tea a go and Im so glad I did because it was gorgeous! I had about 3 cups!

The tea came with 3 mini desserts, a scone with jam and clotted cream and a selection of traditional sandwiches.

It was positively delicious!

After Betty's we made our way back to the car and got on our merry way home. 
It was such a lovely day out! I love when you can re experience those amazing things you miss when you've lived here so long. Im almost rediscovering this place again through Gavin!

Have you ever been to Betty's tea room??

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