Days Out - Leeds Pride 2016

On Sunday it was time to go to Leeds for Leeds Gay Pride 2016. 

Obviously I had to take Gavin!
It would be his first Pride in UK and first trip to Leeds... not that Leeds really is all that!
*cough cough * SHEFFIELD! I joke!

We got the train bright and early.

I'd packed us some "light refreshments" for the ride there. 

We met Rachel at the hotel as we managed to get an early check in. 
There we drank some and got ready for the days events. 
I spent forever perfecting my hair and faffing on my outfit. But eventually settled for a safe option. 

We went to Rev De Cuba for a drink at Millennium square and opted for some wicked summer smoothie cocktails! As modelled by Gavin.

I had my trusty flask on hand so the drinks weren't too pricey. And boy were they steep if you ordered spirits!! 
I got this hip flask from Rachel for Christmas?! I believe!

Here's some pictures from the day...

What I wore:
Dress - New Look
Mesh polka Dot top - Asos
Leggings - Simply Be
Pumps - Primark

We took part in the parade this year.

There were people handing out free hugs and I totally cashed in on every single one!

There was time for a mid parade selfie!

(I live for this snap filter) 

On my face I wore very little cos it was boiling.
I just did my eyes with some black liner and lashes.
My lips I used Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in the colour Ole Flamingo.

We recreated this pic from last year ... <3

Aaaaaand this would be the point where I start to deteriorate!

Here are some pics taken from Rachels Instagram

After hours of dancing and standing around having a fun time, my feet were well and truly fucked!
I'd been walking a lot over the past week or so and this was taking its tole!
Plus I was now in full chest infection mode, I was coughing a lot!

So after all that Gavin and I made our way to the take away and got some grub. ( well Gavin watched Alexandra Burke whilst I sorted grub)

We got to the hotel and vegged out for some time and then passed out. 

Breakfast was included in our hotel stay so we got up, had a shower and got some grub. 
It was well deserved!

Once we had gathered our stuff we checked out and made our way to the Trinity centre.
We went to the Every Man cinema to watch Suicide Squad.

The movie theatre is amazing! 
Double couches instead of cinema chair. They had foot rests and tables by each sofa.
It was a luxurious movie experience!

What a fantastical 24 hours!

 photo 12_zpswz3qn3et.jpg
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