One final Lady Date with Tay

I have been MIA recently and thats due to a wonderful bout of Laryngitis caused by the chest infection!

But I am back and today I'm bringing you a lady date with the girls from work!

(making sure my outfit is cute af by modelling it for Rachel to get her opinion, standard)

The girls from work and I met in town at Pizza Hut for chats and catching ups... there was ALOT to talk about!

Then we went to Rev De Cuba for some drinks and more talking and laughing, reminiscing bout the old days!  Plus its 2 4 1 cocktails on a Sunday afternoon so we had to take advantage right!?!

Since we have all pretty much moved teams and separated, its rare we get a chance to catch up.
Plus Tay is leaving Sheffield for London so it was a last meet up!

I started with a Strawberry Daq and a MadHatter.

Group pic with full on boobs from me :)

Backhanded Compliment, which I'm sure could have done worse on the "compliments"

The next one was One for The Road... not so nice :/ but it was served in a brown paper bag so I had to get it.

What I wore:
Cami - Simply Be
Skirt - Pink Clove
Leggings - Yours Clothing
Pumps - Primark
Harness - Vixen Curves
Cardigan - Tesco

Daisy and I recreated a pic we took last year in Rev De Cuba ...

A Jamaican me Crazy cocktail... this was LUSH!

A strawberry Gin & Tonic, this was the tits!

Have you started a new life adventure?
Or been to a Rev De Cuba? 

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