Days Out - Dunfermline


I was recently given the opportunity to spend a week in Dunfermline for work.

We had to be at the station for 7am, I was really tired but I got a HUGE coffee to help with that.

The main leg of the journey was the Sheffield to Edinburgh stint which ended up being about 5 hours.

I packed some train snacks for the ride.

Train selfie.

We arrived at the contact centre shortly after 1.30. After a tour of the building and a catch up with some of our other guys there, it was time to get right to work. 

After a long days work we got the taxi to our hotel.
We were put up in the Dakota hotel in Edinburgh.

It's pretty swanky!

What I Wore:
Dress - Simply Be
Leggings - Yours
Jacket - Simply Be

Along with the hotel being paid for, we had a meal paid for as well from the hotel bar or restaurant.

The restaurant and bar food are pretty much the same so we sat in the bar. 
I got a glass of Moscato wine which was sweet and crips. Just the way i like it.

I ordered a Steak Frites with peppercorn sauce.
The steak was cooked fine but had quite a bit of fat on which meant there was a lot of maintenance to be done. But all in all it was a nice meal.

After the meal, it was time to unwind from the loooooong ass day.

I had a shower for what felt like half an hour. 
The waterfall shower head was such a treat!

I got myself comfy on the bed and had some of the treats from the mini bar. 
The hot chocolate was really really good!

The next morning, and every morning till Friday, we met for breakfast at 7.45/8.00.

This was included in the hotel stay as well.

The burger from the bar menu was truly scrumptious!

Here are the rest of my Outfits for the Week.

Not looking bad for 7am huh!?!

Dress - Simply Be
Chelsea Boots - Simply Be

Art Teacher shirt - Yours
Bag - T K Maxx

Denim Shirt - Yours
Leggings - Yours

As you can see, these Chelsea boots served me thoroughly well.
I'll definitely need to repurchase them this year for back ups!

This was the last day, we went in to work for a few hours and then made our way to the train station for the long haul back home.

i stopped at M & S for some supplies.
Once on the train my donned my earphones and started watching a series on Netflix, with my provisions at hand.

Even though the train ride was so super long and tiring, it was so lovely to travel by train and see all the sights of the country!

Have you been on a long train ride recently?

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