Mini Haul

So I have been shopping over the past few days... Bought a few bits and bobs and thought I'd share!

Wednesday & Thursday shopping funs.

Wednesday we went to the MASSIVE ASDA down the road and had McD's breakfast and did our shopping.
But my mission for that day was to find a pair of boots and a coat/jacket!

And guess what... mission accomplished! =D

I got a pair of boots from Shoe Zone of all places! They were £16.99.
I don't normally shop there but no other clothing/shoe store was pleasing my boot needs!

They're comfy, warm and easy to wear!

I'm very picky when it comes to shoes because I'm prone to hurting my feet, twisting, stubbing and such likes, so when I buy a pair of shoes, a lot of thought goes into it! Also the reason behind why I NEVER wear heals!

BUT...  These boots, I LIKE!

Boots, worn as normal.

They can also be folded down to make ankle boots, but I don't think I'll be wearing them like that very often.

Boots, worn folded over.

I also went on a little make-up/product spree!
I've been using Collection 2000 lately as its affordable and long lasting too!

Natural Matt Foundation in #2 Ivory & Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara. 
Volume Sensation in #8 Cherry Pop.

Eyebrow Definer in #6 Blonde & Intense Colour  in Blue Belle.


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in #006 Warm Beige.

Shimmer Shades Bronzer palette. 

Then yesterday (Thursday) we went to town, had a Starbucks before Richard had to go to a meeting.
I had a caramel coffee frappacino =D My FAVE!
Richard had some coffee crap, nothing special.
Then we met back up in town again for Lunch at Lloyds, and went shopping after.

Primark Jewellery.

Necklace - £3.00.

Hair slide - £2.00

Broach £2.00

I got this broach because I wanted something to put on the lapel of my coat, and it kinda tied in with the navy colour. I love it! And everyone knows how obsessed with Paris I am! So it seemed fitting!!
Favourite ring like EVER! Fits perfectly too! Bargain at £2.00!!

Also got a pair of black leggings as always. I don't think there has ever been a time when I didn't purchase a pair of leggings from Primark!!
Also got a marine/sea blue top like my peach one i love.
Was only like £12.00 if I remember correctly!


We went to Body Care for a few bits too... 

Eye make up removers, conditioner, powder shampoo and hair gel spray for Richard.

I used Richards gel spray to see how it would hold for my hair and it made it pretty big but i think my hair is too heavy for it to hold up all night! But good effort though....

Said hair result
And Lastly we went to B & M's... just for weird cheap food, and I nabbed this set of 6 lip balms for £1.99... BARGAIN!

The flavours are as follows... 

Thats all really...

Ciao for now beauty Bellas

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  1. Looks successful to me! Love the seafoam green top!



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