As sick as a Dog!

I'm very ill!
And not very happy about it at all! I'm at work and I cant help but think of my bed. I didnt get a pee of sleep last night! Its a good job Richard slept on the sofa bed in the lounge or he'd have not got any sleep too!
I was up every 10 - 15 minutes blowing my nose, coughing up plem and being sick and generally not sleeping at all!

Hoping I can get half day today and day off tomorrow!
Going to Sheffield to see mom and dad over the weekend and mommy always has somethingt o make me better, aside for her undying love for me =D he he

So yeah... if I dont get my half day today then this is going to kee me going hopefully!!

Covonia, soup, rennies, cold n flu tablets and decongestion drink!

I honestly don't even know why I bothered coming to work today! Its not like they couldnt cope without me!

Oh well...
Fingers crossed i can go home at 12!

Ciao for now!

**** I got sent home as 9.35 am! My boss came in and was here for 10 minutes and sent me home ...  so Wednesday off from 9.35, thursday all day, friday and saturday weekend off and now at work  from 6pm ... nice half a week off for me =D ****

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