A "what's in your bag" type post

Le Bag

So this is the contents of my bag today.
Its the bag Richard got me for my birthday =D My favourite one at the moment!

So ...
1. Said Bag, opened for all to see! 
2. Make Up Bag, and contents.
3. 2 books and an Avon catalogue as well as a Tupperware with tea bags and socks my mom made for me. 
4. Camera battery charger, phone charger, a fork, mini oreos, a pack of Wotsits, pack of soup and make up remover pads.
5. Iced coffee drink, belt, hand cream and perfume.
6. Glasses, rennies, post it's phone to laptop cable, memory cards and a pen.
7. Phone, keys, a gift key ring and a nail file.
8. Make up i keep in the small zipper pocket in my bag.

That's it!

Ciao for now =D

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