Lets talk GLEE(k) Project!

I watched The Glee Project a little while ago, and I've recently been catching up on my Glee aswell... and last night I watched the 4th episode in season 3... the title being Pot O' Gold!
Which meant ... dun dun duuuuuuuuuun .... DAMIEN!

I was a bit disappointed in the role he cast him for his d├ębut!
But... he did get 3 songs I think.
Which is pretty substantial for his first episode on Glee! So props to him for that.

I stumbled upon a Glee Project whilst trolling through endless pages on tumblr, and it reminded me of how much I actually miss The Glee Project!
The idea that regular people, got to audition for the show which they love!
And it got me thinking about how much I loved the music from the show, so I went trough some of the songs and got my top 5 Glee Project Videos!

Mad World - Gary Jules

Baby its cold outside

Cant touch this - Mc Hammer

Dont you want me baby - Human League

Only Exception - Paramore

I think the last one is probably my top Glee Project song!
I'm not a big Paramore fan, and I don't really like the Paramore version, or the actual Glee version, but i LOVED it on Glee Project, specially Damien's part.

Apparently Samuel is meant to come in as Puckerman's Cousin?! In about episode 10 or 11.... I'm guessing Damien will be out of it by then.
Also looking forward to seeing how the play Alex, and how they portray him.

Cant wait for the next episode of Glee to come out!

Thats all folks

Ciao for now!

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