OOTD/Night - 06 November 2011


Tonight is bonfire night, and I'm at work =(
That means an OOTD/N!

Copper Tone Eye-shadow for today.

Decided to go for dark lips today, and wear a ring instead of bar in my mouth.

What I Wore:
Peach Scarf.
Peach shiffon top.
Peach/coral Cardigan (kinda bolero'esque)
Flora dress worn as skirt.
Cream belt.
Black Leggings.
Animal Print ballet pumps.(I mix prints i know, but why not?!!)

As always, my trusty coat was at hand. Its obviously been getting colder here seeing as we're going into winter now. I'm so excited for the snow to arrive. It came down in full force early last year, infact I think its meant to have been the earliest we have had snow, in quite a few years!
Hoping we have a White Christmas too!

Scarf  - Markets. 3 for £5.00 ... BARGAIN!
When we lived in Bamford, we were about 20 minutes away from Sheffield by car, so on a Saturday my mom and I used to go to Sheffield for the morning, to do banking, shop, and have brunch. And to "bond"... just to spend some time together. 
And there used to be this one market stall that sold loadsa scarves.
And being that i LOVE scarves, every weekend I would spend a fiver and get 3 scarves. 
So now... I have a collection of about 50... =D

Blouse, Belt, Skirt, Cardigan, Leggings & Pumps all Primark.

The pumps, Richard bought for me! He is learning my taste very quickly! 


The bag is a birthday present from Richard from this year. 

I wanted a tacky huge animal print bag, and it was coming to the 19th of July so I showed the bag to Richard and He got it for me. Delivered the morning of my birthday =D Its wrong in so many ways, yet oh so right!
I've not worn it in ages, but I was routing through some stuff today and found it ... score!!

Pale face!

So thats the OOTD/N for today!

Ciao lovely's!


  1. That skirt is gorgeous! I love your mix of prints and colours. (and there's nothing wrong with a tacky bag ;) - I seem to ONLY have tacky ones!)

    I'm hoping we have a white christmas this year too. A proper one, not a 'white one day in November then slushy and brown for the rest of winter' one. xxx

  2. The tackyer the better really =D


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