OOTD/Night - 22 November 2011

Second night shift, ready for my two days off now!

I decided to call this a mish mash "Ice Frost" inspired look. Due to the icy blues etc.

What I Wore:
Black long under-top.
Black and white striped bandeau dress.
Black leggings.
Cream brogue shoes.
Aqua chiffon top.
Black cardigan.
Blue Scarf. 
Black knitted hat.

Rings all Primark.

AWESOME brogues i got from Primark for £1.00 because of that tiny stain on the front! SCORE!!
BUT... now i got a super bad blister on the back of my heal from wearing new shoes :/ MEH!

This ^^ is one of my oldest by best(est) cardigans! Its just a cheap F&F from Tesco, but its so comfy!
I like to wear it with h bottom button hole, buttoned into the middle button! 
But its also good for the usual button up look!

Staying with the theme... light icy blues on my eyes, and an orange sheen on the lips.

"Infinity Loop" scarf.

So a few people asked about how I tie my scarf on posts where I'm wearing one.
Well today i tied it in the "Infinity Loop"

And rather than try t explain that, I did a video demonstrating it.

Wearing my lovely old grampa slippers at work since its cold!

(and my feet are sore)

Thats about it for now my lovelies!

Ciao for now bellas!

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