OOTD - 20 November 2011

We went bowling today with a friend and her bf.
And then went to the arcade, then pub for many hours and many chats!

What I Wore:
Black long under-top.
Old animal print tunic.
Peach chiffon top.
Tan Cardigan.
Grey rose clasp belt.
Black Leggings.
Tan boots.
Animal print scarf.

I did brown and copper make up on the eyes, with blue eyeliner. And soft bronzed cheeks with nude lips.

ALSO... I bought this necklace off ebay fricking ages ago and never really wore it, but it looked good, and somewhat quirky with this so I thought I'd pull it out!

Also, Richard and I went shopping before hand.
I got some cute as fuck christmasy socks and knickers, also a shower puff with organza on the outside which makes it really hard and exfoliating! yay =D
PLUS, its animal print and just tacky!

That's it for the OOTD!

Ciao for now bellas!

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