Weekly/end Round Up - 2 November - 9 November


What a week and a bit its been ...
I've been so busy, but I managed to capture a few(a lot) moments to share!

Firstly... FOOD
Richard and I tend to eat out alot! We don't really get take aways loads, we prefer going out to eat rather.
Since we moved to Wibsey, we have been frequenting the local pub, Ancient Foresters Arms.
Yet to try the Sunday Dinner, but we have tried alot of their normal meals.
On Monday and Tuesdays they have a meal deal... Steak/Burger and a drink.

The steak is lovely!
And I'm a fussy eater, particularly when it comes to steak, so thats a really big compliment coming from me!
So yeah... Also I've been really getting back into Salads lately! I really do love a cold crunchy salad so much!

Steaks, Salads, Bacon and sausage bagels and pizza.

We got to go to the South African shop in Bradford (what a find!) and I got my favourite drinks, crisps and sauces, as well as chocolate and sausages!

South African pop, lime, lemon + vodka, migs of tea, South Africa sauces, chocolates and crisps. And Kopperberg Cider.

I've been feeling really run down lately too, so been doing some retail therapy too!
Although not paying for it... Richard bought me the items below!
Also had a lil pampering bath whilst i was in the middle of being riddled with Flu, it felt good, but I felt moggy still :/
1. Strawberries n Cream face pack. It had crushed strawberry seeds in it so it kinda acted like an  exfoliator too, once the mask was starting to get to that hardened stage, I took an exfoliating glove and just rubbed the mask into my face, then rinsed! It felt great!
2. My new make up bag.
3. Watch, by No Fear. I wasn't bothered by the brand name, just the fact that its a snap on watch! 
4. How the watch comes 
5. Straightened out 
6. How it looks on.
7. Also, We got these two cute lamps for £2.25 for the set! What a bargain! I'm so happy with them! Plus they match out purple room!
8. Said Face Mask.

Didn't intentionally put all the pink stuff together here... just noticed it as I uploaded the picture, whoops =D he he.

GOD, there's just so much more to add here, I need to remember to do this weekly and not bi weekly!
Its like picture overload!

1. We bought the game Rage... inlove
2. Made sultana scones with jam and clotted cream, yummy!
3. Chicken Caesar salad and curly fries.
4. Canned ravioli for supper at work :/
5. Peppers stuffed with mash potato and herbs n cheese then baked and chicken breast.
6. Drinks with Richards dad and gf.
7. Round two of drinks.
8. My lovely lasagne!
9. Richards Hunters Chicken.
10. Pokemon Game Boy Colour!
11. Chinese noodles with chicken and sweet n sour veg, which i made all by myself!!!
12. Spicy cheesy pasta.
13. The view as I walk home from work at 6am!

Ok, I'll leave it a that for now, plenty more to come!

Ciao for now!

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  1. Oh my gosh all that food looks delicious!! What a great vies walking home - so pretty!! I'm loving your blog!!



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