Holiday Season Picture Roundup

This post is super picture heavy!!!

A little while back we went to stay with my parents for a weekend.
Just before the 20th or so. On our way home we went to IKEA =D
We were looking for a table and my parents were looking for a washing machine for us too.
I absolutely adore IKEA! I want my house to solely be furnished with Swedish home furnishings!
Why do they do everything right?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
Honestly, i was like a fricking child in a FREE sweet shop! I just wanted everything! But we ended up just getting a table, place mats, food sealing bags and a few bits and bobs.

It also snowed that weekend. Like the only weekend it has snowed this winter! WTF with winter this year man! Last year it was like we were in the north pole, this year ... nothing! So weird!

We also went to Krispy Kreme's and got Christmassy donuts.
Well I did, Richard just got loadsa maple ones.

So Christmas Day I spent with Richard and his family.
I met his grandparents and we all went to his sister Fiona for Christmas Dinner.

Richard got me the Great British Bake Off Mary Berry cook book. And we're both getting each other another small gift next month. I got him a 10 cup Delonghi Coffee maker, which he seems to love!
And for his gift I'm paying for his next tattoo.

Richard and I both got massive stockings from my parents with a few silly Christmas themed gifts.
Grow your own Christmas tree and snowman.
Character toothbrush and toothpaste, I got hello kitty n he got spongebob.
Also 2 Christmas mugs each.

For works Secret Santa, I got my Director Ian.
I honestly was at a loss for ideas for him. What do you get the owner and director of the company for Christmas???
Well it came down to some goodies for his iPhone, or a personalized mug.
I had a few ideas for his iPhone, some camera gadgets you can add onto your phone, or stands for when you're not using it or covers, but they all seemed a bit naff.

SO... MUG it was then. And I saw a few name mugs which were tacky.
Then I saw this "coffee shop" mug.
And the funny part about it is that we have a list in the kitchen of what everyone drinks so we don't have to ask all the time, so i though this was rather fitting.
I ended up filling it with Christmas Cane sweets and some chocolate coins.

I got an awesome lil gift for my Secret Santa.
The other director and co owner of the company had me =D

She got me an "Ice Shot" pack.
It comes packed in a Smeg-like fridge tin.
Inside is 2 bottles of scnappes, and 2 shot glasses.

You put the shot glasses in the freezer upside down so the liquid in the bottom goes round the glass and gets cold, turning the shot glass into an icy shot glass.
Hence the name Ice Shot.
You then pour your shot of choice in and its a freezing cold shot =D
How nifty is that?!!!

Boxing day we spent together, we went to town to get a few things and it was absolutely packed at the retail parks. It was like doomsday was looming or something! :/ HORRIBLE!
Then i worked 2 days.
Then we went to Bridlington on Thursday and spent some time at the arcades, winning big time on the 2p machines, and Richard won 131 tickets on a game and we got 2 packs of sweets =D

We went into a few gift shops, as you do when at the seaside!
I bought some Briddlington rock, a Yankie candle and some Fudge.

And seeing as it was the seaside, you can't leave till you have chips along the promenade, and fresh donuts!

We also spent some time with Richards grandparent, which was nice!

Friday we did nothing all day. At work this weekend, and today my friend from South Africa comes to visit for a few day! EXCITED MUCH!???!!
Also, Mom and Dad are picking my friend up from Scotland as they were there for NYE celebrations, really convenient! So I get to see them aswell! I'm a happy chappy!!! =]

Hoping this day doesn't DRAAAAGGG too much!

Ciao for now bellas!

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