OOTD/N - 31 December 2011

I had to work 6am till 6pm on NYE day.
But least I wasn't working nights!
Though it might have benefited me since there was music still blaring out 2 doors down at fucking 6am this morning! So my sleep wasn't too good, I had mabey a collective few minutes which surmounted to mabey an hour! So not happy... BUT HEY HO!

What I Wore: Day.
Black long under-top.
Pink/Purple Floral Dress top.
Black cardigan.
Black Leggings.
Pink Pumps.
New Mitton Gloves.

 Dress from T J Hughes :/

Also, I re-dyed my hair again. It was fading to the blonde again. Thinking next time mabey purple, or ginger!

To celebrate New Years Eve, Richard and I stayed in playing xbox and watching old British comedy sketch shows.
We ate meat-feast pizza, fries and pasta.

What I Wore: Night
Black long under-top.
Hawaiian Island style bandeau dress.
Black Cardigan.
Black Leggings.

So we celebrated the new year in style.... at home, eating pizza and playing games...
I can not see a flaw in that idea!

Richard drank Hobgobblin and I drank Rose wine and VK Ice together!
Needless to say I was well on my way by 12am!


Ciao for now bellas!

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