OOTN - 07 January 2012

((Sorry, but this is a rather photo heavy post))

Out to Delius for drinks and a few bands.

Tried my Ice Shot glasses...
Theyre great!
You DO have to leave the shot in the glass for at least a minute before drinking so the alcohol gets nice and frosty cold! But when that's done then its really great!

What I Wore:
Brown Leggings.
Tan brown Boots.
Floral Dress.
Brown Cardigan.

Make Up was as always these days, browns and golds.
And a bit of bronzer on the cheeks.
Barry M lip paint in lp52 - Shocking Pink.

I also re-dyed my hair since the pink was starting to fade!

We went out to celebrate a friends birthday and see a few bands playing at Delius.

Check out The Drastics if you're interested.

There were a few other bands playing, but I only managed to see 2 others.

And then we caught almost all of The Drastics set since our friend/s play in the band.

We didnt drink that much because we were only staying out for a few drinks to make an appearance.
But I did have a pint of cider, and 4 cocktails.
My usual Killer Zombie, and then a Key West Kooler for good measures =D
I could have stayed out all night drinking 2 for a 5'er cocktails though!

We went out to Cyrus after that for some food.
We found this little GEM one day walking to the taxi rank from Delius and it was 3 course meal for £9.95 so we went in, and it was like joy in my stomach!

So we both had the Calamari starter.
Then Richard had some chicken dish and I had Lamb Shank with white rice, my fave!
For pudding I had fudge cake and Richard had Baklava.

That's it for this fun filled OOTD/N!
Ciao for now bellas!


  1. you;re gorgeous! Love the piercings and the hot lips. Food looks pretty spesh too x

  2. Those shot glasses look amazing! Cute dress too :)
    Jaz xo

  3. Oh thanks @jazxo its an old dress and the shot glasses were an xmas gift.

    @helen turnbull thank you =D the food was fabulous!! mmm


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