OOTD - 8 January 2011

Morning outfit, going shopping and such.
Very casual and relaxed.

 What I Wore:
Cream knitted dress.
Black long under top.
Brown Leggings.
Olive Cardigan.
Mommy's home made cream scarf =D
Tan brogue pumps.
Black Belt.

Don't know why I have been favouring these shoes considering its winter here!
They have just been my go to shoe over the last week n a bit... ??!!!!

Absolutely love this scarf! I have been begging my mom to knit me a "holey" scarf for AGES. And she finally did after all the requests from everyone else!
Its SUPER long, and it can wrap round my neck about 5 times tightly, and 3 loosely. Which is what i prefer.
I turned it into an infinity scarf by using a safety pin at the ends and pinning them together. this way i can use it as a circle scarf or remove the pin and use it as usual!

Ciao for now bellas!

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