OOTN - 09 January 2012

Another night shift, another outfit!

Did a soft look again on the face.
Peach cheeks.
Orangy lips
Light Copper on the eyes with a Deep Plum.
And a dark grey under the eyes.

What I Wore:
Long Black under-top.
Animal print tunic.
Grey rose clasp belt.
Black leggings.
Black cardigan.
Animal print Scarf.
Tan brogue pumps.


It was cold so I warmed up my tootsies with my lovely animal print slipper socks =D

Because I was wearing animal print I thought I'd do a bad animal print on my nails!
This is the result... I quite like it!!

I don't always match my prints together but I felt in a super animal print mood!!

That's it for this OOTN post!!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. Love that scarf! And your nails haha I'm big on cheetah print, too. (:

    - Jaimie

  2. I love it when girls mix different eyeshadow colors. I really suck at applying make-up. I always use at least 4 different colors, but all people see is either blue or green, haha.

    1. I used to be really sucky at make up application, i just watched laodsa make up tutorials on Youtube for inspiration. and I play around with different ideas when i have some free time.


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