Photo Update/Dump

Sometimes I really do wish I had an iPhone so I could have instagram.
But since I have a Blackberry, I'm gonna put my photo's here.
I did however manage to download a nice little photo edditing app.
It did cost like £2.00 but its really good.
The free version of it is good enough, but I felt I wanted more!
Its called photo studio editor ... not much of an imaginative name there.
BUT... it works well!

So sorry in advance!

 Animal print nails/clock at home/vday snowglobe/candle for a quid/giraffe picture
drawing at work/cool new backpack/pink hair/weetabix and tea/barbie necklace

 bella italia for dads bday/starter/mains/pudding/mua heart sweet lipbalms
troll/snowdrops/cosy scarf/salt n pepper shakers/cupcake snowglobe
richards/strawberries n banannas/at work/working/watching Dr Who at work
hat n scarf knitted by mom/pub lunch/keys/waffels n coffee/shoes
tea/chocolate cake mix/chocolate cake/my niece Ella Rose/fixed shoes
nails/hook/chocolate philly/more tea/back at work

Yep well that's it for now i think.
Its like a combination of 2 months's photos.
All edited on my phone. Nifty little blackberry!

Ciao for now bellas!

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