Review - Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream

Well I thought I'd do a little review on this little lip cream.
I bought it a little while after the Great Lips Sweet Hearts lip balm.
You can get them from most stores which stock Collection 2000.
I got mine from Boots. It was only £2.99.


This is what it is said to deliver;
"gives a velveteen pout that doesn’t look puckered, enriched with a creamy, hyper-moisturising formula that is packed full of vitamins, has a powder finish is a lip-loving product that provides a unique matt, long-lasting lustre to the lips. Powder microspheres hug the creamy colour to your lips to make sure that your pout is perfect all day, or night!"

There currently come in 4 colours; Cotton Candy (pink), Fairy Cake (coral), Powder Puff (nude) and Angel Delight (beige) .

I bought Powder Puff. 

They come nicely packaged. It's in a 5ml which if relatively good for the price you pay.
It has quite a pungent vanillary scent, and actually smells quite buttery too. It's not unpleasent.
The back of the tube says "velvety soft, matt finish lip cream".

The applicator wand itself is pretty standard.
It covers enough of your lip to just be swiped across once.
It also holds the product well enough. No need for constant re dipping to get any product on.

The application is ok, although it is VERY pigmented and gets right into any cracks or dents on your lips.
I'm not all too sure on this one to be honest.
I feel like its too pigmented for me. And whilst I understand that its just the way the product is since its a cream, it just feel like they could have toned it down a bit.

Without Flash.

With Flash.
The colour I got, to me, looks like a concealer for medium to tanned skin.
Possibly should have gone for a coral or beige colour.

Just Chapstick.

One coat of Cream Puff.

Over a lip stain.

Its not a total bomb really, it does go well over a matte lipstick to tone down the colour, or over a lip stain to mattify it more. So i'm not disappointing. I just think that mabey this isnt the colour for me. 

I can't say I would repurchase this articular colour.

Ciao for now bellas!

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