Review - Collection 2000 Pump Up The Volume Mascara

Ok, so I am a bad mascara hoarder!
No matter how many tubes of mascara's I have, whenever I go shopping for make up, I ALWAYS get mascara!
It's my one item that I can't leave without getting!

Now I'm not one to stick to any certain brand of make up, I always try new and different brands to see how they measure up, and how they work with my face.
But ... I have been favoring Collection 2000 recently!
Their make up is mostly all affordable, and of quite a high standard.

So onto the mascara itself.
Pump up the Volume by Collection 2000 promises to;
"deliver up to 12x more volume to give the impression of false lashes without the fiddling, and is specially created with added fibre and pro-keratin to boost lashes and deliver an intensely volumised look".

In my opinion, it more than outdoes itself.

It comes well packaged.
The tube itself has tapered ends, which work well with the application.
It's a large enough and for the £4.99 price tag, you get plenty.

The product itself is a nice thick moist mascara.
It is very easily applied, and certainly doesn't need re dipping at all.
In fact, if anything, the wand might be too heavily saturated with product, but that's easily fixed with a quick swipe over the tube mouth.

The brush is a nice curved brush, which makes applying it easy as pie.
And makes it quite accurate. Not too much touch up needed.
I feel like one application would suffice for a normal look, but 2 to 3 for a night look.

This stuff really does give a full effect.

No mascara.

Single application.

Two applications.
Definitely a re purchase for me!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. Wow they made them super long, will have to try this, I usually use falsies but wanna stop now as my real lashes are getting damaged!! lovely blog, love your confidence, i need some lol. I am now following please check my blog out and follow back if you'd like xx

    1. It really does work to make your lashes look lush! I'm not one to follow trend with new mascaras with collagen and other crap in it which promise large lashes but this really was great! and Thanks, no following you too!


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