Gold and Zebra Nails

What I Used:
Gold Nail Polish
Clear Nail Polish
Elegant Touch Nail Stickers
Nail File
Hair Dryer

 My nails aren't in the best condition, I never really look after them because I bite them non stop.
But I don't like the look of them bare! So gotta decorate them!
And I tend not to bite them when they have polish on them.

Starting off with clean nails.
With the middle finger buffed to help the nail sticker adhere better.

These are just cheap nail varnishes, I honestly don't even know where I got them from.
I ended up not using the red. Just the gold and the clear.

Left the middle finger out since I'm putting a nail wrap onto it.

Used Elegant Touch Nail Polish Stickers.
I got them at a market stall for £2.00 for 2.

I have 3 other nail warps, silver with black spots, leopard print and a red with black lace effect.
But I felt that the others didn't look good with the gold.

Putting some heat on the nail wrap.
Makes it very supple and easier to mould to the nail. Then file off the ends and neaten the edges.

Then just a top coat on all the nails, and the tips too, to seal the nail wraps which should help with the chipping.

The final look =D
I like it. I am not a fan of wearing nail wraps on all my nails, I find they chip so quick.
And tend to look a bit tacky. But on one finger its good, and so much easier to correct if it does chip!

Yes, I definitely love this idea!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. I adore these nails! I used to have small bitten nails too and since I've been doing my weekly nail posts they've got so much longer and stronger it's amazing!! :D xxx

  2. Well i might have to take that idea on board! Do a weekly nail post to encourage me not to bite!

  3. I really like the zebra nail wraps, I haven't tried any nail wraps yet but really want to xxx


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