Happy Easter

I hope we all have had a lovely day today and spent it with family!

We went to Ricks mom and step dads place, and I was so tired! i got to sleep at 7.30am this morning and was up at 11am!! So didn't get too much sleep in before the chaos began!

There was more after this.
Ricks mom put on a finger food buffet which was great!
It was like an indoor picnic! ha ha.
And I drank Sangria and also a nice Red Vino  =D

Sangria with apple and orange!

I got Rick a M&M's Easter Egg, but I did it to be naughty!
We weren't supposed to get Easter eggs for each other, but I always have to disobey what he says and get him stuff just to be bad!
I did however get an egg fro the bosses at work!
That was nice of them.
But I left it at work for the next time I'm in so I have something to munch on!
I got this one!


Well I hope you all had a great day!
I'm still stuffed on foods!

Ciao for now bellas!

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