Pamper Time Gone Slightly Wrong

Yesterday afternoon i decided I was going to get a little bit of a pamper on!
So nice hot shower, shave le legs with new razor from this post , mini mani and pedicure done, nice conditioning hair mask done... all that was left was to get my brows tinted and waxed and mabey see what else there was available at the salon.

Where we live there is a hairdresser and beauty salon literally across the road from our house!!! =D
Gemz Hair Design .

BEFORE, no make up.
Its pretty good. Gem, is really nice and does a pretty sweet job on hair!
But her beauty salon is pretty amazing by salons run in a house's standard!
The brow tint and wax were only £10.00 together!
And then ..... I got eyelash extensions!

So the brows look GREAT! and they're a lovely colour.
I didn't really manage to get any pictures during, but I did get some after.

With Flash.

My brows are what I'm most impressed with.
They're quite defined now, and neat and tidy!
I was a waxing virgin going into this and I sort of had my expectations of what was going to happen.
I knew full well that it was going to hurt. I mean, you expect that of any beauty product really.
But it wasn't so bad. She was gentle and was talking throughout to take my mind off what she was doing so it was painfulness really. Admittedly I do have bruised eyebrows today, but I thinks that's just because this was a first time thing.
One thing that was a bit of a bummer though, one of my eyes looks like a have had an accident with the floor. it looks like I have a carpet burn on one eye, obviously due to it being a softer area.
Shit happens doesn't it!

Carpet burn looking eye sore :/

note, this was taken post update

Now the eyelash extensions ... these are a tricky one!
I DO like them, they do look nice. And they're not super long so they look sort of natural.
Which is great. It's just the glue that I'm not a fan of.
If you have sensitive eyes, I would NOT recommend this at all!
I would like to think that I can handle a lot of pain and torture, but this was a bit hard for me.
The glue goes in your eyes, and burns like HELL! But the girl doing them was really good to stop every now and then and blow in my eyes. But its still very weird!
I like the effect of the lashes, but next time I'm just getting them tinted rather than anything extra put on top of my own lashes!

Natural Light

Don't get me wrong, I like them but they're not for me really!
They make my lids feel heavy, and the glue is really annoying, it hardens and doesn't go clear or anything, you can clearly see that I have something there! The only time it goes away is if I'm wearing make up, and I actually make an effort to cover the bits of glue with mascara or liquid liner.

Im not a fan, but it wan an experience which I can learn from!
But i certainly wont be going back for the "treatment" any time soon.
Plus, it seems a waste since I have all this mascara which I cant use.

Mabey this is just not for me!

Like I said though, it was an experience, and I had to try it to know weather i liked it or not.
This does not change my mind on the whole salon itself or even the girl who did the treatments, I have been there a few times before and never had a problem with it.
And not all types of treatments/products are for me.
This is just one of them.

But hey ho, next time, just eyelash tinting, see how that gets on!

Ciao for now bellas!

 quick update: since writing this, a few of the lashes have come out by themselves, which is to be expected.

But I was washing my face, very lightly I might add, and a few more came out.
Fair enough, mabey I was a bit rough in my washing.
BUT ... "achooooo" I sneezed and there on the table were a few more lashes. 

My eyes looked like a child had attacked them!

Lashes missing and visible glue, gross!
So I had to take them off, which wasnt too much of an annoyance since they just feel wrong anyway.
The lashes are very uncomfortable and sit very close to my eye, so I constantly had this shadow above both eyes. And the glue really is annoying, I could feel it on my lids and it just looked ugly! You know when you can see the glue of falsies on a girls eyes, well it was like that except worse!
I have now managed to get them off. I used two cotton wool pads soaked in a bit of warm soapy water just to ease the pain of what is really just pulling glue of my natural lashes!

Again, this does not in any way affect my opinions of the beauty salon itself.

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