Review - Wilkinson Sword Intuition

I recently purchased a Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor.
Now I had been looking for a razor for a while now, and I'm quite particular with razors because I tend to always shave in a rush in the shower.
So I needed something that was going to work well in that situation.

I have another Wilkinson Sword razor which does a good job, but there's the hassle of lathering my legs in soap or shaving foam which ultimately washes off mid shave.
I had used these Intuition Razors before and they worked great.

Whilst shopping the other day I saw this lovely new Intuition Razor.

So let me just say... its a bulky one, thats for sure.
But ... its perfect for the shower because this guy has a soap bar round the razor so it lathers and shaves at the same time. Its great!

And I have sensitive skin as well so I tend to go for razors that offer some sort of soothing protection.
Well the Intuition Sensitive is perfect for that. It has alo vera in the soap which leave a calming effect on your legs/pits after shaving.

TMI alert ... one word of advice, if you tend to shave your lady bits, don't use this one for that. Its a bit too bulky and bit to get into those intimate nooks and crannies. Unless you're a seasoned pro that is.
I'd advise to let this one just take care of the legs, pits and other normal areas you might want shave.

It does have a nifty little wall hanging thing which works pretty well. And is obviously really handy in the shower!

All in all, I love it!

Ciao for now bellas!

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