Review - Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash Mascara.

Let me just start off by saying that I am a mascara hoarder!
It's the first thing I pick up when ever we/I go shopping, and I tend to usually go for "false lash" style mascaras.
Mascara's that promise large looking lashes. Which means they're usually a very wet formula, which my lashes can usually with stand since I have thick'ish lashes. This Mascara from Collection 2000 is very much different to my usual choices, like the the Plump Up The Volume mascara from Collection 2000 which I recently purchased.
This one is a much less moist formula, and the wand is a bit different.
Its a smaller brush than normal, and its your regular straight one. Not curved like the ones I tend to go for.

So ... Super Size Fat Lash Mascara... what do I think?!

The packaging is nice.
It's in a pink tube ... that's a whole loada gold stars right there!
I like packaging that is bright and bold, too many cosmetics are in boring black bottles/tubes, and I prefer brighter bold colours.
It's a sleek tube, fits well in the hands, its not big and bulky so its easy to have the tube and compact in one hand whilst applying with the other.

What this mascara promises: "The only magic wand you'll need for a fabulous lash look! Super volumising formula and brush. Creates bigger, bolder and super-sized lashes". I wouldn't quite say it's the only mascara I'd need for great lashes, but it certainly makes my lashes look great!
It is definitely a double application mascara.
I mean I would be happy to wear a single application for a work appropriate look, but any other time I would be happier with a double application.
And for a night time look I would got for at least 3 to 4 coats!!

Unlike the Plump Up The Volume mascara, this one isn't overly saturated with product.
Which allows for more of a build up of product where as the other more wet saturated wand allows for 2 applications at most.

The wand itself is easily handled. And doesn't seem very heavy, obviously this is due to not having tons of product on the brush itself, so the application process is more accurate!

Here's the outcome.
No product at all.

Single application of product.
 As you can see in the above picture, it would be very appropriate for a work look. It brightens the eyes and makes you look a bit more awake.

Triple application.

The cost £2.99 is an absolute bargain!
I'm always on the look out for a quality mascara that wont break the bank.
Its always so easy for me to forget about the fact that I live with my bf and we have a house and bills and shopping that need paying for when I'm buying make up!
So this price tag certainly made my eyes flash dollar signs when i saw it.
And for a budget cosmetic, that's still quite cheap!

It also isn't very clumpy which is great since I tend to ply my eyes with layer upon layer of mascara when I do my face. I'm not a fan of false lashes since I can't even apply them, but I do like the false lashes effect.
So any way I can achieve this is good by me.

The whole look.
All in all, I am a fan of this mascara.
I do feel like it would be a good staple for my every day look, but for a more dramatic look I think I would go back to the Plump Up The Volume mascara from  Collection 2000. It offers more cover and a dramatic look without having to go to the false lashes!

What's your go to mascara?

Ciao for now bellas!

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