OOTD - Plum and floral

I haven't worn this top since I got it at the Clothing Swap 2 months ago.
It's a Dorothy Perkins knitted short sleeved top. 
If you were a bit worried about the see through'ness, you could wear it with a tank top underneath, but I'm not really that bothered about showing my bra.

The top has the cutest ruffles round the neck, and actually comes very high. Which is very rare for me as I wear mostly low cut tops.
But I kinda like the look. I think being able to see the bra worked well with how I dressed the rest of the outfit.

What I Wore:
Top - Dorothy Perkins (clothing swap)
Skirt - Primark
Leggings - Sainsburys
Cardigan - Priamrk
Belt - Matalan
Pumps - Primark

As for the nails. Well October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
And whilst I don't have any money to donate to this cause, I thought I would show my support by painting my nails pink, and painting some shoddy shoddy ribbons.
If you want to support or take part, visit these sites.
Breast Cancer CampaignGo Pink With Friends and Paint Your Pinkie Pink

Hair Band from Matalan.

I'm loving this top! Thanks Fran for swapping =D

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. Love the nails, I think I'm going to give them a go, also love that top, I'd probably wear it with a tank top, sheer tops scare me lol x

    1. I used to think like that, till I saw how great I looked in a sheer top and just thought "screw it"

  2. The sheer top looks ace! You have lovely norks so show 'em off I say! xx

  3. love the nails. also i love that skirt its so cute a great print xx

    1. Oh thank you lady, its old Primark, circa 2007

  4. I love your ruffly shoes and that printed skirt is amazing!

    Also, I've never heard boobs referred to as "norks" before. Must be an "across the pond" thing (aka where you're from, compared to where I'm from). But I will start using it immediately.

    1. Well its not one used all too often here either. But my mom uses it alot when referring to these mounds of flesh on my chest!

  5. Love this outfit. The shearness adds fun and looks great! I've been embracing sheer stuff lately too x

  6. Anonymous5/10/12

    Lovely :D


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