Tesco Biker Boots

Remember back before the internet fuckery that happened recently, I had posted about receiving a voucher for £25.00 to use at Tesco. Well these are the boots I got.

I'd say they're a biker boot, they zip up on the inner sides of the boot, and have a strap from the inner side, over the front, to the outer side of the boot, which then loops into a buckle.

I got them in a size 8 for a wider fit as I find 7's don't fit nicely. The 8 fits fine around my foot, but does leave a bit of space in the front. But I'm not too bummed by that since it will leave space for big socks in the winter months.

They come about an inch over the ankle, so they're a generous height, but low enough so you don't have to worry if they'll fit your calves.
I do have large fat babe calves so this is always an issue for me, but these are just the right height to avoid that.

I have tested these out in many a rainy and muddy day, and they are a joy!
They are for the most part water resistant, although I wouldn't advise wading through 3 foot of snow with these, or running through puddles.

As well as faring well in rainy conditions, they also held up when going into tile floored shops. You know when you have been walking round town and it has been raining, and you walk into a shop and nearly wipe out. Well these were "un-wipe-out-able".
I also walked the entirely of Crystal Peaks, Wakefield Trinity Walk, and Meadowhall with these and they didn't rub or leave blisters.

They have a pretty thick tread on the bottom, so no amount of walking will break these bad boys. They definitely went full on with the grunge'y look with the tread/soles as well.
But I think for me personally the look of the boot works well with my style.
Even though I wear alot of dresses, I rarely look ladylike or dainty, and these boots definitely help me to keep up that look as seen below with my Excite Swan dress, and New Look Biker jacket.

TESCO also featured me on their Clothing at Tesco Loves...Autumn blog post.
Along with the lovely Rachel and Becky.

They're lined with a faux sheepskin material, which makes them super comfy and warm.

I am very pleased with these lovely boots. And glad I got them before they sold out!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. I went to Tesco 4 bloody times in 3 weeks to try to get these and they only had size 3 and 4 every time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. So I'm still looking for a pair of decent ankles boots for winter. Congrats on snagging a pair! xx

    1. I know, theyre selling like hot cakes! I got mine online like a month and a half ago. Lucky me I guess!

  2. I love a good pair of biker boots. Super comfy and add so much to an outfit :)



    1. AGREED! I think theyre great to mash up a cute outfit!

  3. Tesco have really great winter boots at the moment! Love these! I've seen a black fur lined pair in there that I NEED x

    1. They really are comfy indeed. And not all too badly priced!

  4. I need to get these boots I have been looking for a good pair of winter boots for the last few weeks and not been able to find a good pair. Will have to see if spot these in my local Tesco.
    Thanks for the info


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