OOTD - Black on black, on black, on black

So most of you will now know that I have finally got a job.

I work for KNOWHOW, in sales, and it's been a whole month now!
And you know what, I kinda LOVE it!

I have a uniform I gotta wear, and I think I make it look good!
It's just a shirt really, and then dark bottoms.
So I wear leggings and a black skirt, sometimes I'm a rebel and wear black and white polka dots, or stripes.

I kinda love that I dont have to faff about in the morning deciding what to wear that day. It's as simple as a polo shirt, skirt/trousers and pumps. Makes mornings so much more easier, plus I get to lay in for atleast 15 minutes extra!

Ciao for now bellas!

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