OOTD - Halloween & Massive hair

So I was NOT prepared for Halloween this year.
But I thought I might aswell make some form of an effort and dress something Holloween'ish.
So off to poundland I went and got some skeletons, and bats and such.

I wore a purple dress, and sewed the skeletons al over the dress, and all over my leggings, which I sprayed orange.
I sewed a skeleton to a headband, and a bat to my dress.
And made the biggest hair I could make, EVER!

With my face, I did the quickest halloween make up I have ever done in my life.
I did it in the car whilst on the way to work.

I used alot of greys, blacks and browns to contour my nose, temple, and tried to get a hollowed look on my cheeks.
Then did a dark "zombie" eye, and painted my eyebrows dark too.

Wore eyeliner as lipstick, it was quite good actually.
I set it with black shadow too.

Gotta love poundland and their glittery skeletons!

Also painted my nails with goo green, and radioactive yellow colours!
I think they looked cool!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. Awesome! I love Halloween and I did two different make up looks for it. xx

  2. Love it, especially the pound land bargains.. PROOF that you haven't gotta spend hundreds to look amazing :D <3


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