Twice As Nice but Thirds A Charm!

I'm not entirely sure when and where I first set my eyes on this dress from Very, but when I did, I almost shattered the glass in the windows with the highest squeal!
I had been lusting over it for about 2 weeks before I finally purchased it, and of course I had to tweet about my newest purchase, and both Rachel and Laura said they had/were getting it too!
So naturally, we decided we just HAD to do a post featuring how we styled said dress, like the post they had done before, seen here, and here.
I ordered it Friday afternoon, about 3pm, and it was delivered the next chuffing day, hows that for service!
I'm pretty sure Rachel and Laura will both carry their looks very gracefully.
This is how I have chosen to style my dress.
It is a very demure, lady like dress, and I figured I could put my usual twist on it and "lisa" it up a bit. And my look is very, well, Me!

What I wore:
Vintage Floral Tea Dress - So Fabulous by Very
Belt - Primark
Boots - Lidl
Denim Gillet - Primark

Pearls from Primark
Shambala bracelet from Amazon.
Hair Bow from Primark

I love this dress, it's not really a Lisa dress, but I LOVE it!
Check how Laura & Rachel styled their dresses!

Not entirely sure what's going on with the boarders of my pictures, but hey ho.

Rachels other half suggested she donned trainers with her dress, but Rachel is a lady, so I thought I would... I like how it turned out!



  1. such a you look i love it ! brett is trying to convince me to wear trainers with it ! anyone would think he doesn't know me xx

    1. OMG, I might have to go do a trainer post too now with this dress! Infact Im sure it would look much more "lisa" with my pink and purple ones!

  2. Its a very you dress! You are all about flower print and pale pinks and neutral shades! It is totally you! Love the boots and demin to edgy it up :) x

    1. I do this the print and colour is indeed very me too! Gotta grunge it up dont i!

  3. Love print :)

  4. Love this dress, and I think it looks great with the tan accents and the denim jacket! I think it looks awesome with the trainers, too!

  5. Beautiful outfit, it looks amazing on you.


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