Helen E Cosmetics Review

Recently I posted about our Rad Fat shopping trip, and I briefly mentioned Helen E.

As we all know, I try out alot of foundations and make up products, well this particular one has almost trumped my L'loreal BB Nude Magique obsession.
The lovely Helen E rep used the skin smoother, blusher and lip gloss on moi. 
The smoother was soft, light and dewy and when applied with a foundation brush looked so refreshing and natural. 
The blusher was a nice light peachy tone which I love.
The gloss was a soft pink, which I wasn't too taken by as it was glittery, but it still looked lovely.

Laura took this pic in Debenhams after my make over

I got a gift pack worth about £50 to £60 for just £20.00, this included the Smoother, Eyeliner, Duo Mascara, Lip Liner, Concealer stick and Blush, in a "milan" make up bag.


The mascara's are nice and small and compact. The formula is nice and liquid'y and not too dark. I prefer the brown as lately I have been favouring brown mascara as opposed to black.

The eyeliner is a nice soft kohl type pencil, with a smudger on the end. I don't often use eyeliner smudgers because I dont smudge my eyeliner for smokey effects, but this is still a nice liner, very soft indeed.

Left with flash, Right without flash

The blush is a perfect colour for me, nice peachy coral tone. Perfect.

The lip crayin is also quite soft and a nice light pink lip colour which I quite like, its quite natural!

I also like the concealor stick, it's a decent match to my skin, but it can be a bit hard at times.

I used all of the Helen E items I have on my face today.
The skin smoother really does blend well with my skin, it's lovely!

Currently Helen E is available online, or in Debenhams.



  1. That lip crayon is to die for. The perfect pink! xx

    Just me Leah

  2. Wow! Leah you are right. These lipsticks are attracting. It attracts all strongly.

  3. Anonymous12/3/13

    Thank you for this post and review, I am the manager at Helen E Doncastef and have added your post to our Facebook group, you can join us here https://www.facebook.com/groups/146260018870438/


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