Floral & Minty Sheer

Digging out an old friend for this OOTD.
My mint green sheer top from Primark. Id forgot where I had put this, and with my move a few months back, a lot of my clothes had been packed away. But I found it, and thank the lord I did, because I LOVE this top!

What I Wore:
Floral Dress - Matalan
Mint Top - Primark
Belt - ASDA George
Leggings - ASDA George
Pumps - Tesco

On my lips is Sleek Lipstick in the colour Vixen


  1. I love mint green and want to get lots of it for summer!

  2. Such a pretty combination, I love the different prints with the mint green. I love finding ld favourites in my wardrobe xx

    1. I know right, i love finding pieces i thought i didnt have anymmore!

  3. Hi Lisa! Just stumbled across your blog while searching for leopard print tops.

    I love, love, love your style! Been flicking through a few of your posts there and I really like how you wear your wardrobe. Going to be flicking through your blog a bit more after this.

    Love from Leicester!

    Aoife x

    1. Oh well thats fantastic, so glad you enjoy my blog, I'll keep doing what I do!


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