Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Blue & Black skirted Bikini.

Lets just turn out attention to these 2 previous posts first ... ONE & TWO ... where I mention awesome bikinis.

Well... I have been putting clothing, accessories, beauty items, and such aside for my holiday in 16 days, and I decided that I had to do said "putting things aside" in my new bikini!
I would have done my pictures outside in my usual setting, but my gosh, it was far too cold for that!
So the kitchen will do for now.

What I Wore:
Top - BHS
Bottoms - Debenhams
Bag - Primark
Sandals - My mum's
Cardigan - New Look via Laura/Fat Swap
Glasses - Priamark (mens section)

This bag was strewn on the floor in Primark, like most things, but for some reason I picked it up, and it was £2.00 marked down from £10.00. I HAD to get it!

Finally, can we just check how awesome my belly looks in this babely bikini!



  1. Lisa, those shades suit you so much. You look effing amazing! xx

  2. u are gunna rock on the beach !!


  3. You look AMAZING! I wish I had the courage to wear a bikini. I am not quite there yet.


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