Badass Black Nails with glitter - #31daysofmay

I am going to TRY do the 31 Days of May blogging challenge.
I say try because I will probably fail, but hey ho, at least I'm giving it a go.

So to kick it all off, here's a NOTD post.

I used a random black polish in my moms box of varnishes which only required one coat to be completely opaque. Which in itself is amazing!

To top it off, I used a silver glitter polish which I got in a set of 4 from Primark.

I love the effect. It's kinda badass with the black, then the glitter comes in and is like "suck on this". I LOVE it!
Lets see if I can keep this up.


  1. Loving the nails!
    I am also doing a May Blog everyday challenge, We got this!

  2. Loving the nails! Ooh, I'm sorely tempted to do the 31 days of May but I post almost every day anyway ;) x x

  3. Ooh they're amazing!


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