Barratts Platform Trainers - #31daysofmay

A while ago I got these bad boys from Barratts.
I sadly haven't had that much time to wear them since I can't wear trainers to work that often, BUT I did manage to wear them last weekend to work. And they looked awesome with what I was wearing!

 They are the Truffle Crinkle Effect Hi Top Platform Trainer which can be found here.
I got them in a size 8 and they're not as heavy as I initially thought they would be.

 You can see them HERE in an OOTD post from last week.

I do love these trainers so much.
I only have one issue with them, and I'm not yet sure if its down to the ol new shoe thing, or if this will be a persistent issue... blisters :/
I wore socks, and my leggings were tucked into the shoe, so 2 layers of protection, but I still got TERRIBLE blisters.

Luckily I have a spare pair of shoes at work for emergencies so I could swap them, but still. I will have to try them again to make sure it wasn't just down to new shoe rub.

But aside for that, these bad boys are just amazing!

**I was given a gift voucher and allowed to choose the shoes I wanted from Barratts website. Barratts have not influenced this blog post, and opinions are my own**

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