Instagram Obsessed - #31daysofmay

I once made a jibe on twitter at how obsessed people were with Instagram...
well I retract my statement, because I am now one of those people who is obsessed with it.

It may very well be my downfall in life, but hey, atleast I added a nifty filter to that picture of my food/face/trees/random shit.

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  1. Die Bilder sind richtig toll. Da kommen doch schon einige zusammen, wenn man immer nur mal einen Schnappschuss macht.

  2. It gets everyone in the end! :) x x

  3. Even though I don't post too much (I go through stages of posting like crazy and then won't post anything for ages lol!) I even find just looking through everyone elses Instagram profiles so addictive! Whatever you do don't go onto Vine :P That is my new addiction haha! :D



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