Peter Pan Collars & Brogues - #31daysofmay

A very work appropriate OOTD.
Sometimes I do dress for work, most times I get away with not really doing so.

What I Wore:
Top - Primark
 Skirt - Dorothy Perkins (dress worn as skirt)
Belt - Mr Price (South Africa)
Tights - Yours
Brogues - Primark
Cardi - Primark

I pinned my hair back on both sides, which I never normally do because I like it being messy, but I think this looks cute, its neat(ish), and appropriate.

My face was pretty simple, mascara//eyeliner//blush & collection 2000 lipstick dabbed on.
The top has a cute peter pan'esque collar going on, but I wanted it more of a focal point, so my mom sewed on some buttons for me and now it looks awesomer!

These brogues haven't made much of an appearance in my new work uniform, not as much as they used to do in my old uniform. So I decided it was about time to pull them out.

This cardigan is a super old Primark special, and it is just about falling apart now, its been sewn back up so many times now, but I kinda love it atm!


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