Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly - #31daysofmay

This stuff is just AWESOME!
Its jelly, and you wash yourself with it, is there anything better in this world?

 It have a very distinct citrus scent, and leaves my body smelling super fresh almost all day. In fact recently I didn't even bother to put perfume on because the smell from this jelly was so strong! Its lovely.

You can get it in a small tub (which I got and still have 75% left) or a bigger one.
Personally, Id prefer the smaller one, means you can try different ones sooner rather than later.

 And is so easy to use, just take it out the tub, get it wet and rub all over you!
Or cut it into small pieces and use a piece for a week. Its so EASY!

It literally is like jelly, its wobbly and jiggles.

The only thing that is negative about this is that it seems to make your bath/shower really slippery afterwards. 
I forgot to wash the bath out after using it, and had a shower the next morning and fell flat on my arse because of the slippery jelly film it had left on the floor of my bath.

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  1. Ouch! That nearly happened to me yesterday after using a Soap & Glory body scrub. Hope your bum ain't bruised! x x

  2. Love Lush shower jellies! I just love Lush stuff in general!

  3. I just love this stuff


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