Moo Business Cards - #31daysofmay

A while back I ordered myself some blog business cards since I had just purchased my ticket for Plus North.

I saw there was a 25% off discount as well, so being the cheapo I am, decided to get them now rather than later.

 I used my basic template which I used last time round. My blog hasn't changed since then so I was happy to continue with it. And I don't see much change happening on this blog aside for a few tweaks, but definitely not to the header or general feel of the blog. 

I ordered a pack of 50, and they came nicely packaged in 2 boxes. Which has space to put my own cards in, and then also add other business cards to as well. Its a nice way to keep all those bloggers details safe and sound till I get back home to drool over awesome blogs!

There is a cute card in the back with a word search on, I got 46 words from the search. I'm not so good at these things, but apparently I scored quite alright according to moo.

There's also an offer of 15% off for someone purchasing the first pack of 50 cards.

If you're interested in getting yourself some, hop on over to Moo and enter the code: G2MSCG for you 15% off.


  1. Your cards are so cute! x x

  2. Im glad you created a personalized design with time and effort, i specialise in designing business cards over at http://www.mrbusinesscards.co.uk


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